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CAE Center Amsterdam

CAE Center Amsterdam

Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

CAE Center Amsterdam is established in 1987 and joined CAE’s global network of Aviation training centers in 2001. CAE Center Amsterdam is co-located with the Nationale Luchtvaart School (NLS). These CAE companies employ over 140 highly skilled employees.

CAE Amsterdam has 12 bays for Full Flight Simulators and over 130 airlines, aircraft manufacturers and defence forces around the world find their way to CAE Center Amsterdam. CAE Center Amsterdam holds JAR STD, TRTO and EASA part 147 approvals and as such provides integrated training solutions for Cockpit crew, Aircraft Certifying staff Maintenance (Cat. B1, B2 & C) and Cabin crew.

CAE NLS is Europe’s oldest still existing Ab Initio Academy. It is a Flying Training Organisation (FTO) according to the JAR-FCL and is offering both Integrated and Modular courses as well as airline related theoretical courses.

Bedrijf: CAE Center Amsterdam
Contact Persoon: Roel Riphagen
Industry: Flight Crew
Adres: CAE Center Amsterdam bv P.O. Box 624, 2130 AP Hoofddorp Diamantlaan 3, 2132 WV Hoofddorp The Netherlands   View Location at Google Map
Postcode: 2132 WV
Telefoon: +31 (0)23-5671 708
E-mail: roel.riphagen@cae.com  [ Send Private Message ] 
URL: http://www.cae.com/aviationtraining
Registered from: 24/03/2010
Jobs: 4 jobs posted / 0 jobs currently available

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