DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH

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DFS relies on professionals to ensure the smooth flow of air
traffic in Germany. Professionals who have a passion for their
job. We need people who understand that aviation is more
than just moving aircraft from A to B; it is about the safety of
the people in our care. Even in times of increasing traffic
volumes, we guarantee the safe flow of traffic. That’s where
you come in: Air traffic controllers in the Karlsruhe control
centre are responsible for area control in the upper airspace of
Finely-tuned teams consisting of a radar controller and
coordinator controller are a great example of teamwork. The
radar controller gives precise instructions to the pilots while the
coordinator controller remains in close contact with adjacent
sectors and takes on all other coordination tasks, such as
those that arise from a change in routing. If you are interested
in becoming part of our team at the Karlsruhe control centre,
feel free to send us your application.

DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH Unternehmenszentrale Am DFS-Campus 10 63225 Langen Germany

Website: https://www.dfs.de/

Phone:   +49 721 6903 307