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Integrated Commercial Pilot License (CPL(A)) Training Course, Modular Commercial Pilot License (CPL(A)) Training Course, Jet Orientation Course (JOC), Helicopter Pilot, Flight Instructor Training Course FI (A), MCC Training Course (Multi-Crew Cooperation), MPL - Multi-crew Pilot Licence
Flight Attendant
EASA Part 147, EASA Part 66 - Module 1 - Mathematics, EASA Part 66 - Module 2 - Physics, EASA Part 66 - Module 3 - Electrical Fundamentals, EASA Part 66 - Module 4 : Electronic Fundamentals, EASA Part 66 - Module 5 : Digital Techniques - Electronic Instrument Sustems, EASA Part 66 - Module 6 : Materials and Hardware, EASA Part 66 - Module 7 : Maintenance Practices...
Basic and Advanced Meteorology, Communications, Practical Dispatching, Instrument Approach Procedures, Aviation Regulations, Aircraft Systems and Performance, Instrument Approach Plates & Enroute Charts, Navigations Systems...
Aviation English for Pilots and Controllers
Airline Revenue Management, Air Law, Legal Principles for Aviation Managers, Airline Business Simulation, Fleet Planning, Personal and Professional Development, Research Methods and Statistics, The Airline Business...
Spacecraft, Satellite Systems, Other, Management of Aviation Communication and Navigation Systems
Human Factors


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